Friday, 10 January 2014

Boxing Day- The all important Pork Pie

Boxing day for us is all about left overs and cold meats. Cold ham, cold goose, pork pies, cheeses and chutneys. It should be easy and comforting. This year we used the left over brussel sprouts and potatoes to make a delicious bubble and squeak which was certainly a good call.

Left: Rolfes of Walsham hand raised free range pork pie:
Right: Fortnum and Mason (London) Traditional Pork Pie

A good pork pie is so important. I love the British-ness of them- they remind me of the countryside and picnics. I take the same approach to pork pies as I do with sausages and any other processed meats; always invest in a quality one, from a butcher or trustworthy supplier. It's so worth it. To accompany it, I usually go with a bit of hot English mustard or piccalilli to cut through the heaviness.

We always get ours from Rolfes of Walsham- a great butcher and greengrocers in Walsham-le-Willows, Norfolk. It's hand raised, and made with their free range pork. The seasoning (a secret blend) is perfect, and everyone always remarks on how good the pastry is. I would really recommend it if you live anywhere nearby.

This year however, when having a last minute no-present-for-Dad crisis, I ran into Fortnum and Mason before I got on the train home to Norfolk, and bought one of their traditional pork pies for him. I have to say it was a delicious pork pie (as you would probably expect). Lovely golden pastry, tasty filling- I can certainly recommend giving it a try, although I do prefer to support smaller independent businesses where possible.


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