Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Borough Christmas

There is nowhere more festive in London than Borough Market at Christmas time. With its twinkling wreaths swaying high above shoppers and mistletoe hanging from the stalls, Christmas is well and truly in the air. I always think there’s a Dickensian charm about the market at this time of year, what with the sound of angelic carollers echoing and clouds of steam from vats of aromatic mulled wine wafting past your nose, a warm glow seems to emanate from the market. If that’s not enough to make you feel a hint of Christmas spirit, then I find that a glass or two of the wine soon will - accompanied by a freshly baked mince pie perhaps - essential for your shopping experience!

Christmas wreaths galore providing Christmas cheer for your front door

Now that’s a proper mince pie, from Bread Ahead

Warm your cockles with a mulled wine or cider, spiced with cinnamon, cloves and orange - just the thing to lift your mood and inspire good purchases…

You can get just about everything you need for a grand old Christmas Day at the market, even down to a beautifully bushy Christmas tree from Sharon at the Gated Garden (worry about the logistics of how you’re going to manoeuvre it home on the tube later) and thoroughly enjoy the festive experience of it all at the same time.

How about a Scottish Langoustine Cocktail to start with on the big day?

Gleaming Chestnuts - a great way to spruce up your sprouts

There is some wonderful produce around the market at the moment to inspire your Christmas cooking - from multi-coloured carrots and two-tone sprouts, through to free range, beautifully plump, turkeys and humongous hams, just waiting to be glazed. Personally, my number one Borough Market essential to take home at Christmas is a Mrs King’s Pork Pie. It’s a must on Boxing Day amongst my family and there would be an outcry if I returned home without at least two. The crumbly pastry and meaty filling is just the thing to combat your post-Christmas Day food needs; and all it requires is some good strong English mustard or sharp piccalilli to cut through the richness.

Mrs King’s pork pies - a Boxing Day essential

Multi-coloured carrots at Elsey and Bent to brighten up your Christmas Day veg display

Why have only one colour of sprout when you can have two?

So wrap up all warm and cosy in your multiple winter layers and turn Christmas shopping into an enjoyable experience. Be inspired by the array of produce at the market - it really makes Christmas easy when you can buy everything you could possibly need, right down to a beautifully made, glistening, fruit topped Christmas cake (no need to tell the guests it’s not homemade), all in one place.


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