Thursday, 13 March 2014

LEITHS Food styling course session 5- Greek salad night

Our fifth session of the Leiths food styling course was with Jennifer, and it was Greek salad night. We took along our own props, but the ingredients were provided- we got given beautiful fresh multi-coloured tomatoes, baby cucumbers, fresh and dried oregano, feta, and lots of other lovely ingredients too.

We spent the first hour creating our own salads, with Jennifer assisting and advising us where necessary, and then we went round and chatted about what everyone had created and what had worked and what hadn't.

I was going for a rustic look....although I'm not sure if I completely achieved that, and my salad ended up looking a bit restaurant-y. It's surprisingly difficult to style a Greek salad I discovered, and I'm not sure if mine was anything I'm hugely proud of to be honest...! Jennifer was totally amazing though- she came over and started re-assembling my ingredients, and within seconds it was completely transformed. It was a fun night and I felt I learnt a lot, and now I know what I would do differently next time, even if my first attempt wasn't spot on. It was also good to work individually, as it allowed us to all do our own thing, and get a bit more creative- it was interesting to see how different all our styles were. So here are a few shots from the night:

My Greek salad....I put the dressing in a tiny jar I found at home

This is Ella's Greek salad- very envious of this beautiful blue plate 

Mine looked a lot better once I had torn the olives up a bit, scrunched the napkin up, and added olive oil!

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