Sunday, 23 March 2014

LEITHS Foodstyling session 6- Trifles!

Very overdue, but I thought I'd share some pictures of my final food styling evening class at Leiths. It was trifle night, lead by Katy Greenwood. I'm embarrassed to say that I ended up being quite late for this class (anyone who knows me will tell you this is very unusual), due to an absolute nightmare with my trains (jubilee line closed, etc. etc.). In fairness, I do have to get from about as far East as you can go in London, right over to the West, so it's amazing I hadn't had trouble until now really.

Anyway, I unfortunately missed the demonstration, and when I arrived, Katy told me I had 5 minutes before everyone was presenting their trifles. So, slightly panicked and very flustered, I rolled up my sleeves, and with the remaining berries and leftover custard and basically anything I could lay my hands on, did my best to create a layered trifle. We took in our own props, and I had chosen a fairly simple, elongated glass dish to serve my trifle in, which I rapidly started filling.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I managed to create in my short space of time. It's funny, I wonder if I'd have put more time and thought into it, whether I would have created anything better. It seems that sometimes a bit of time pressure can be a good thing, in stopping you from over-thinking where you're placing every single berry or blob of cream. The look I went for was relaxed and achievable (I didn't think precise and detailed would work at this stage of the game...!). I have to say, I was fairly pleased with my trifle- I much preferred it to my Greek salad that I'd spent so long on the week before. I got some good comments on it too, so I'm glad I persevered in my horrific journey there (eventually having to hop into a £25 taxi!).

Here are some pictures of my trifle:

Mixed berry trifle, layered with raspberry jam, custard, lady fingers and amaretti biscuits, topped with cream, passion fruit and pomegranate!    

I think the passion fruit and pomegranate saved the day on this occasion- they always looks great sprinkled over desserts! 

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