Monday, 3 February 2014

Background-Art work

I did my Degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, where I made work based around ideas of luxury, often using food. During this time, I realised that I wasn't really into the conceptual and philosophical art work that a lot of my peers were making. I didn't want to read or hear about why I should find a white canvas or whatever it was, interesting. I simply didn't get it.

I suppose I'm a very visual person. I like things that look nice, I like colours and smooth silhouettes and shapes. When thinking about making work, I think of what I'd like to see myself, and what other people would like to see too. I want to create beautiful image or object, and I also want to create something that your Average Joe will 'get'. It's important to me that I can show it to my Family, and they will like it, or at least understand what it is, without me having to explain it.

So here's a few photos of the kind of thing I have made. You can see my full portfolio and some of the films on my artist website, here:

'Scoop', still from a video

'Glaze', video, presented on a billboard at my Degree show

Fondue Series, with fairy liquid

A test photograph
Playing around with jelly moulds....

Still from 'Glaze' video

Still from 'Glaze' video

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