Thursday, 13 February 2014

LEITHS Food Styling session 3 with Jennifer Joyce

Despite the tube strikes, I managed to make it to my third food styling session, in which we met our second tutor, Jennifer Joyce. Jennifer is a food writer, author and stylist, who has worked for the likes of BBC Good Food, Olive and Elle Decoration. She has written several cook books including 'Skinny Meals in Heels' (her latest), 'Small Bites' and 'The well dressed salad', so she knows what she's talking about!

During this session, Jennifer spoke to us about the importance of props, and how they can make or break an image. They tell a story, and can mean the difference between an amateur and professional looking image. She gave us loads of great ideas for things that you might not think to use as a prop, such as shooting food on newspaper (may work for a rustic/authentic look) or using old rice bags if you are maybe shooting an Asian dish. So I'm off to scour the charity shops of London for props over the weekend!

The prop table- lots of lovely things!

Gorgeous blue plate selection- mix up old plates with new ones in the same colour scheme for an updated, together look.

Jennifer then gave us a few demonstration on styling some lamb kebabs and couscous, pasta, an Asian noodle salad, some dip, some soup and a chocolate mousse. These were all done in a matter of minutes, whilst we all watched on in awe! It was great to see her work and hear her little tricks and tips. Here are a few photos from the session that totally don't do the food justice, but at least they give you an idea of what she was doing:

A gorgeous spaghetti with pine nuts, herbs and chilli- how lovely and rustic does this look?

Asian noodle salad and dressing- love these colours. Apparently there's a trend at the moment for serving salads in trays like this.

Dip served on a plate (never a bowl)- love the touch of charring the bread slightly.

Soup- Jennifer takes different sized bottles and tubes to shoots for doing swirls like this with dressings and cream. 

My favourite photo of the evening- this was put together with an originally rather nasty looking packet chocolate mousse! I think it's amazing how the blue plate makes the food 'pop' so much, and I love the touch of the swept away spoonful.  

Had to add this one in too- look at all those lovely saucepans!

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