Sunday, 9 February 2014

LEITHS Food Styling session 2 with Katy Greenwood and Stuart Ovenden

For the second session of the Leiths Food styling course, we were joined by Food and Lifestyle photographer Stuart Ovenden ( . This was really exciting for me as I knew his work before I found out he was going to be working with us on the course, so that was really an added bonus.

Example of Stuart Ovenden's work
Stuart gave us a useful insight into how everything works and comes together on a shoot, as well as some tips for our own home photography, such as lighting tricks. We also spoke about our final shoot, which he will be photographing at the beginning of March. His advice was to keep it simple and don't try and be too clever. In the past, things like cakes and tarts have worked really well aparently, as you can make them before hand, which takes a bit of pressure off. 

So I am now thinking about what I might like to make for my final image. I definitely want to do something colourful, as I love colourful, eye-catching images. My initial thinking is a lemon tart if I go down the sweet route; or some kind of fresh and zingy thai salad if I got down the savoury.    

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